Let's get Doctor Who Down Under
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Let's get Doctor Who Down Under

Killer kangaroos, cyber-crocodiles and drop-bears could join forces with the Daleks if we can convince the makers of Doctor Who to film an episode of Doctor Who in Australia. You can join the campaign by signing the petition and here’s why you should join the campaign:

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who’s first broadcast on Australian television will be marked on 12 January, 2015. Doctor Who has almost become as much of an institution in Australia as it has in Britain and the series is synonymous with our public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). In fact, in 1983, the ABC co-produced Doctor Who’s 20th anniversary special ‘The Five Doctors’ in conjunction with the BBC.

Antipodean connections with Doctor Who:

  • The very first Doctor Who story, “An Unearthly Child”, was written by an Aussie, Anthony Coburn;
  • Ron Grainer, the brilliant mind behind the signature Doctor Who theme, was an Aussie;
  • The Fifth Doctor’s companion, Tegan Jovanka was an Aussie (as was the actress Janet Fielding who portrayed her);
  • Actress Katy Manning, who played the Third Doctor’s companion Jo Grant, is now a naturalised Aussie; and
  • Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue played Astrid alongside the Tenth Doctor in the 2007 Christmas Special “Voyage of the Damned”.

The campaign was launched on 3 October 2012 by avid Doctor Who fan and Australian parliamentarian, George Christensen. He sent a letter to the producers of the long-running television series, asking them to film a 50th anniversary special in Bowen and the Whitsundays (Queensland, Australia). Mr Christensen represents an area that covers 400 kilometres of Queensland coastline, including a world class tourist destination – the Whitsundays, which takes in resort islands such as Hayman, Hamilton, Daydream, Long, and Lindemann, as well as the mainland Airlie Beach and, at the top of the Whitsundays, Bowen.

Both Bowen and the Whitsundays have seen some pretty tough times in terms of the slump in tourism and this campaign would be an immediate boost now and into the future. We hope to generate immediate publicity for the region through this campaign, increased business for the region during production, and long-lasting awareness through broadcasting.

Bowen, the small town at the northern end of the Whitsundays was the location for Baz Luhrman’s 2008 film Australia, which starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

The 2008 Andy Tennant movie, Fool’s Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, was filmed in and around Whitsunday Island. We have the runs on the board in this region because we have a lot to offer a production company. It is a stunning location to film, a fantastic place to stay for the cast and crew, and the locals are welcoming and helpful - there will be plenty of support and encouragement.

We are calling on all Doctor Who fans who want to support the campaign to show their support by downloading and filling out the petition and join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter or even upload a Youtube video and send us the link (via Facebook). If you want to see the Tardis materialise on Australian soil, this could be your chance.

If you’re not already a Doctor Who fan: Doctor Who is a long-running British science fiction television serial. The main character, a Time Lord known as the Doctor travels through time and space in his Tardis, battling evil foes such as the Daleks and Cybermen.
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